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A modern twist,  traditional Lavender soap blended with fresh and zingy Lemongrass. 

Recommended for those with normal - oily scalp and hair.

Soap Shampoo is a different system to detergent based shampoo. In order to get the best from the product we recommend the following:After washing with our soap shampoo rinse thoroughly. Use a vinegar rinse to restore the acid PH to your hair. We use a spray bottle with 1/3 white distilled or cider vinegar, 2/3 water and a few drops of your favourite essential oils. Spray liberally after rinsing and rub well in. Leave for a few minutes then rinse out. If you are in a hard water area you may need to increase the vinegar in the recipe. There is usually an adjustment period of a few weeks but we hope the environmental and skin benefits will be worth it. Made by traditional methods to retain the natural glycerin which is a by product of the process and help to moisturise while the soap cleanses.

Hand made in Devon. 

Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Sustainably sourced Palm Oil,Glycerine, Lavender Essential oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil  (naturally occuring allergens present in lavender oil: Geraniol, Linalool, D-Limonene)


100g bar
No animal testing
Free from artificial ingredients
No animal ingredients


Lavender & Lemongrass

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